Every minute is an opportunity!

Imagine if you could get it all together...

  • Your family
  • Your home
  • Your routine
  • Your brain
You want your family to thrive. You want your home to be a sanctuary. You want to be the queen of your routine. You want to feel GOOD about your life, and the way it’s running.
Don’t you?
Every person on the planet has a wildly different life to the next person. But we all have the same number of minutes.

And I believe that every minute is an opportunity.

Hey! I’m Klara, and I know exactly how it feels when everything is slipping through your fingers. I know ALL TOO WELL that feeling of failure; of not being good enough, of not meeting your own expectations on how you think life is SUPPOSED to look. I know how hard it can feel to achieve balance when all the plates are spinning at once. I am very familiar with the way we, as mothers, get wrapped up in the chaos of loving and raising our wild little families, and leave ourselves as a bottom-rung priority.

And damn it. I want us to break free from all of that.

I created Every Minute Mum to help you catch those minutes and squeeze every little drop out of them.

Whether you’re already kicking ass in some areas, or whether you feel like a total hot mess in every aspect of your life, I believe that together we can transform you into the mum – and woman – that you wish you could be.

How to get started:

You’ve got options, girl.

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