About Every Minute Mum

Hey! I’m Klara, and I want to help you get it together.

All of it. Your family. Your home. Your routine. Your brain. Wrapped up in a nice little bow.

Does that sound magical?

Does it also sound ridiculous?

Are you rolling your eyes at me now?

Lady, I get it.

As a stay-at-home mum, I know the struggle. My husband works long hours, and I’m juggling our two young kids, our home, my business, and like fifty house plants. I feel like I hit the ground running from the moment I wake up, and when I close my eyes at night, I imagine it’s a similar feeling to the moment a tri-athlete crosses the finish line. I have to be on top of my game all day, every day.

And for a really long time, I just wasn’t.

I did okay after my first child was born. I kept my head above water. I managed to launch my business, keep my family fed, and occasionally attack the piles of dog fur floating across the floor with the Dyson. Not thriving, but not flailing either.

The year my second child was born officially tipped me over the edge. I just COULD. NOT. GET. IT. TOGETHER. The more my life spun out of control, the more mojo I lost to do something about it. And the more mojo I lost, the more it spun out of control.

If that’s not a vicious cycle, I don’t know what is.

I got to the end of the year, and my book club were taking in turns summing up their year in a word. Words like “focus”, “discovery” and “growth” began floating around the room.

My word came to me instantly.


My entire year – my entire life over the past 365 days – had been a scramble.

Acknowledging this was a slap to the face.

But honestly?

It was just the wakeup call I needed.

Thoughts and ideas of restructuring my life began to simmer over the Christmas period, and by the beginning of the new year, I was buoyed up and ready to tackle it.

It didn’t happen overnight – and if I’m being honest (which I am!), it’s still a work in progress – but I began to beat down the overwhelm that had been ruling me, and my family, for so long.

And gosh it feels SO FREAKING GOOD. It’s not perfect, and it never will be. I have times where things start to slide and lapse. But most of the time, I feel like I can breathe. I feel like contentment is always at my fingertips. I feel like my family is chugging along. I feel like my home sparks joy.


This blog isn’t actually about ME.

It’s about YOU, new internet friend.

It’s about how YOU can feel that contentment. It’s about how YOU can unscramble. It’s about how YOU can click your own pieces into place and transform YOUR home, YOUR family, YOUR routine, YOUR brain.

You want your family to thrive.

You want your home to be a sanctuary.

You want to be the queen of your routine.

You want to feel GOOD about your life, and the way it’s running.

You want to be able to look back on the way things are now, and feel proud of how far you’ve come. How much you’ve grown.

You and I have wildly different lives. But we have the same number of minutes.

And I believe that every minute is an opportunity.

If you’re ready for those opportunities, I’m ready to help you make the most of them.


(That felt anticlimactic, but I’m excited!)

A bit about me…

I’m a Christian stay-at-home mama and blogger living in Perth, Western Australia with my Californian IT nerd/grill master/handyman legend husband, Chris, and our two out-of-this-world gorgeous kiddos, Jackson and Everley. We met when I was working at a pie shop. We were friends for a year, but then I kissed him on the cheek and made things awkward, and well… here we are!

I love cooking, and I love eating even more. I love the rain, although sometimes the sun gives me unexplainable happy feelings. I sing constantly, so my kids think that’s a normal thing that people do (their lives are basically a sub-par musical). I am obsessed with ASOS, vegemite toast, cups of tea, having a clean kitchen, crochet and dark chocolate.

Oh, and writing. I can’t get enough of it.

I’ve made it my mission to inspire, encourage and challenge women to live their best lives, and I’ve been doing this for a while through my other blog, Her Happy Heart.

One of these days I’ll actually finish writing a book, but for now I’m pretty happy writing here, over at Her Happy Heart, and also occasionally for Mum Central.

Maybe I’ll start a third blog at some point too. Which sounds insane and unmanageable and Chris would be SUPER unimpressed. But never say never!

I LOVE meeting new internet friends, so don’t be shy. Comment. Email me. Hit me up on Facebook or Instagram. Ask questions. Tell me your life story. I’m all ears.

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