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23 Healthy Hidden Veggie Recipes Your Kids Won’t Be Able To Resist

We all need an arsenal of hidden veggie recipes.

Sometimes we just need to be able to guarantee that we’re going to get at least one vegetable into each child every day.

I’m slowly working on my kids’ varying levels of fussiness. There are veggies they’ll eat, and there are veggies they won’t eat. So I have no shame in taking the veggies they won’t eat, chopping them up real small, and stirring them into a meal they won’t suspect of betraying them.

Hiding vegetables for picky eaters is just part of our job as parents.

Sure, we need to encourage kids to try new foods, and we need to get them used to eating a vegetable in its true form. We can’t let them go through life thinking that vegetables are gross, and the only way to stomach them is to mask them with a bunch of more appealing ingredients.


We also need to get vegetables into them. And if that means having a list of go-to hidden veggie recipes that we work into our weekly meal plan, then that’s what we need to do.

How to hide the taste of vegetables

Generally, hidden veggie recipes can be trusted to disguise the look as well as the taste of vegetables. If you want to hide veggies well, just ensure you use a strong flavour profile with plenty of herbs and spices (here are my best tips for using more herbs and spices in your cooking). Nestle those hidden veggies amongst plenty of cheese, sauce, and other strong ingredients, and your kids will be none the wiser.

I asked some fellow bloggers to share their yummiest kid-friendly meals with hidden vegetables.

From pasta to muffins to pizza to pancakes, there are SO MANY ways to hide vegetables in the food you cook. Check out these carefully planned recipes for inspiration…

Sneaky vegetable recipes round-up

23 Delicious Hidden Veg Recipes

Pasta with Carrot Sauce

Pasta with sneaky carrot sauce

This tasty, kid-friendly pasta contains hidden carrots and tomatoes, plus a hit of protein via a handful of cashews.

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Cauliflower pizza crust

Cauliflower pizza crust is becoming a popular, low-carb way to enjoy pizza. This recipe link includes some delicious ideas for toppings too!

Cauliflower Fried Rice

Bowl of cauliflower fried rice

I love fried rice for those nights when we have a bunch of things to use up in the fridge! This meal replaces the rice with cauliflower rice – genius! The recipe includes a couple of not-so-hidden vegetables, so if that’s a problem for your kids, just substitute in what they will eat – diced chicken, bacon, shrimp, or more palatable veggies such as corn.

Healthy American tacos with hidden veggies

Healthy American tacos with hidden veggies

This yummy taco recipe contains diced zucchini and mushrooms. To hide that zucchini even more thoroughly, you can grate it. Other vegetables I’ve hidden in taco meat include lentils, red or green peppers, grated carrot and even black beans!

Meatloaf Muffins with secret veg

Meatloaf muffins with hidden veg for kids

These yummy looking muffins contain a bit of sneaky spinach, and would make a yummy lunch, snack or dinner (with a side or two) for kids.

Paleo Meatloaf

Paleo meatloaf recipe with hidden vegetables

If meatloaf is a regular part of your dinner rotation, try this recipe for a change, with hidden mushrooms and spinach.

Sweet potato roti

Roti flatbread with hidden sweet potato

Maybe your kids don’t need convincing to eat sweet potato, but one of mine does! I have a feeling she would gobble up this yummy roti without a second thought, though.

Carrot pizza

Carrot pizza with hidden carrots

This yummy looking pizza uses carrots in both the pizza base and the pizza sauce!

Toddler Smoothie Bowl

Kids pink smoothie bowl with hidden vegetables

This versatile smoothie bowl recipe can easily incorporate kale, spinach and frozen cauliflower – giving your toddler (or any kiddo) a healthy start to the day.

Butternut squash mac’n’cheese

Mac n cheese with hidden veg recipe

Not only is there a whole butternut squash pureed into this delightful dish, there’s also a whole bunch of Brussels sprouts tucked away in there too.

Chickpea and Beet Burgers

Burgers with secret chickpeas and beet

This protein-packed recipe uses a bunch of pantry staples, and will sneak yummy vegetables into your kids with ease.

Bolognese Sauce

Bolognese sauce with lots of hidden veggies

If you’re not sneaking vegetables in your bolognese sauce, are you even a mum? I’M KIDDING! But seriously, it’s an awesome idea to try if you haven’t yet. This recipe will have your kids gobbling up carrot, celery, onion and mushrooms without ever knowing.

Chocolate Hidden Vegetable Pancakes

Chocolate hidden veg pancakes

GENIUS. Because what kiddo wouldn’t want a pile of chocolate pancakes on their breakfast plate!? If you make these with the kids, be sure their backs are turned when you stir in the carrots and spinach. Then smile a secret smile as you watch them wolf them down.

Lentil Quinoa Sloppy Joes

Lentil quinoa vegetarian sloppy joes

Lentils are so great at disguising as ground beef. If sloppy joes are on regular rotation in your house, give this sneaky vegetarian version a go sometime. Your meat-loving husband might not even notice the difference!

Red Velvet Pancakes with Sweet Chocolate Cream Cheese Butter

Red velvet pancakes with beet

Beets aren’t my favourite food, but even I would happily devour these delicious little pancakes. The heart shapes are optional – but definitely adorable!

Vegetable Fritters

Tasty kid-friendly vegetable fritters

Fritters have always been a hidden vegetable classic, and these yummy ones are laden with zucchini, carrot and green onion – but feel free to sub in whatever vegetables you have hanging around the bottom of the fridge for a quick, healthy lunch or dinner.

Vegan Lasagna

Vegan dairy-free lasagna with hidden vegetables

This beautiful dairy-free lasagna is simply packed with hidden vegetables – hello spinach, zucchini, eggplant, carrot, capsicum and mushrooms!. If vegan ricotta and cheese sauce aren’t your thing, you could easily sub in the real stuff when cooking it for your family (but also – there’s nothing wrong with being adventurous and trying something new!).

Cheddar Spinach Muffins

Cheddar spinach muffins for kids

Perfect for lunchboxes or morning snacks, these little muffins will pump spinach into your kids like nobody’s business – and taste great while doing it.

Creamy Spinach, Tomato and Rocket Pasta

Creamy vegetable sauce pasta

The hidden veggies in this dish are pulverised into a sauce along with garlic and cream cheese. So basically, your kids will think they’re just eating a creamy pasta for dinner. But you’ll know, mama. You’ll know.

Hidden Veggie Nuggets

Hidden veggie nuggets for kids

Because every kid on the planet is nugget-obsessed, AMIRIGHT. I’ve seen a lot of lacklustre veg nuggets in my time (even made a batch or two that totally flopped), but these actually look like the real deal.

Cauliflower Mac’n’cheese

Mac-n-cheese made with cauliflower instead of macaroni

Hidden cauliflower strikes AGAIN in this recipe, this time masquerading as macaroni. Complimented with caramelized onion and prosciutto (not to mention CHEESE), this tasty dish is a sure-fire winner for kids.

Chocolate Zucchini Cake

Chocolate zucchini cake

May we never discount the idea of getting vegetables into our kids via decadent baked treats like this CAKE. Not only does the cake contain 2 whole cups of zucchini, it also uses aquafaba (that juice you’d normally pour down the sink when you drain a can of chickpeas).

Hidden Veg Meatballs

Meatballs with hidden veggies

Zucchini and mushrooms come to play in these mouthwatering meatballs that your kids won’t be able to resist!

Are you ready to hide some yummy veggies in your kids’ food?

I hope you’ve found a few hidden veggie recipes in my list that will suit your family.

Don’t forget to keep offering your kids non-concealed vegetables – you never know when that repeated exposure will pay off! In the meantime though, by hiding veggies in their food, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that they’re at least getting some veggies in those little tummies.

What’s your go-to hidden vegetable meal in your home? How do you conceal veggies in your kids’ food? Let me know in the comments!

Plus, be sure to follow me on Facebook for all kinds of daily tips for moms (and the occasional hilarious-to-me meme). Hope to see you there!

Hidden veggie recipes round-up
Hidden veg recipes round-up

23 Healthy Hidden Veggie Recipes Your Kids Won’t Be Able To Resist

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